Pro Ecclesia Conference 2019: June 3-5 (Monday evening to Wednesday noon) at Loyola University Baltimore

What’s the Good of Humanity?

Explorations and Articulations of Christian Wisdom

From a Christian perspective, it could well be said that humanity, a good gift of God, is being undermined by the technology and thought-patterns and practices of contemporary Western culture. In response to what is seen as an attack, many books have been written (and conferences held) on the harm of these technologically-driven practices. These articles and books focus on what is wrong (with euthanasia, with surrogate motherhood, with the denial of the male-female difference, and so forth).

Yet to make a compelling cultural witness, it is more important for Christians to know what is right, and essential that they are able to articulate the positive. Why do babies matter? What is the goodness embedded in being made male and female? How can one approach death in a godly manner? We need, in other words, to be able to give an account of God’s “Yes” (2 Cor. 1:20), the hope that is within us (1 Pet. 3:15).

The 2019 Pro Ecclesia Conference seeks to explore the positive content of Christian wisdom for today.

•    How does Scripture, as interpreted in the Christian tradition, understand being human?
•    What is the relationship of the brain, consciousness, and Christian faith?
•    The importance of babies
•    Chastity and the wealth of life: On being male and female
•    What is a holy death?
•    The human in fiction and film: signs of hope in the prevailing dystopia
•    The ugly, the bad, and the good in contemporary technological culture

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