What Does It Mean to "Do This?"

The Pro Ecclesia Annual Conference for Clergy and Laity


sponsored by the
Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology

founded by
Carl E. Braaten & Robert W. Jenson

to be held at
Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland

June 11, 2012, 7 pm
June 13, 2012, noon


One of the clearest commands of Christ came at the Last Supper, when he said: “Do this in remembrance of me.”  But just what are we to do, how are we to do it, and what does it mean?  The last century saw deep changes in the eucharistic practices of many churches and a perceptible narrowing of differences among many of the church in both the liturgy and the theology of the Supper.  Where do we stand today?  The 2012  Pro Ecclesia conference will take up such questions, with particular attention to the ecumenical and pastoral implications of the Eucharist.  Typical themes to be addressed will be:

+ Where are we today theologically on the two most central divisive issues in eucharistic theology - sacrifice and presence?

+ How should preaching relate to the Eucharist in a way that fosters it as the sacrament of unity?

+ Can we find new ways to think about forms of communion short of full fellowship that avert the stale deadlock of recent years?

+ Why have differences over ordained ministry proved such an obstacle to fuller eucharistic fellowship?

+ Have ecumenical discussions of the Supper made progress since BEM 30 years ago?

+ Where have the liturgical changes of the last century left the Eucharist?



The Speakers:

+ Peter Bouteneff, St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary

+ George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary

+ Bruce Marshall, Southern Methodist University

+ Martha Moore-Keish, Columbia Theological Seminary

+ Francesca Aran Murphy, University of Notre Dame

+ Frank Senn, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Evanston, IL

+ Telford Work, Westmont College

+ Banquet Speaker: R. R. Reno

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Conference cost (including banquet): $210;
Early bird registration (until March 31): $175
Retired clergy: $175
Students: $95


Accommodations will be available on the Loyola Campus

Reduced prices are available for early registrations, students, and retired clergy

Rooms are available on the Loyola campus.  Each room is part of a four-room suite,
sharing two bathrooms, a common area, and kitchenette.
Continental breakfast is included with the room.
Prices will be per person.


Register online at www.regonline.com/CCET2012


by mail using this form.



Travel to Loyola University in Maryland

Directions to Loyola University can be found on the University website at http://www.loyola.edu/about/drivingdirections.html.
For alternate routes, the conference organizers suggest http://www.mapquest.com

Participants traveling by train should schedule their arrivals at Penn Station, Baltimore.

Participants traveling by air should fly into Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI).

Taxis from the airport will cost approximately $45-50.
Taxis from Penn Station will cost approximately $10-12.



For more information, contact:
Michael Root

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