Follow-up from Life Amid the Principalities conference

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Some updates from the conference:
1. Here is the link to the Catholic-Lutheran text James Buckley discussed in his banquet address: From Conflict to Communion. It was written by the international Catholic-Lutheran dialogue as preparation for the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. It summarizes a common Catholic-Lutheran interpretation of the Reformation and outlines the present state of dialogue.  There will probably be a forum on this text in Pro Ecclesia and perhaps some further comments here.
2. If you want to follow up the debate among New Testament scholars over whether Paul has the Roman Empire in mind when he mentions principalities and powers, you might do what Quinn Fox recommended and put the words barclay, wright, and empire into a search engine and a lot will pop up. You might start with John Barclay’s original critique of N. T. Wright here.

Michael Root

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