Robert W. Jenson

August 2, 1930 – September 5, 2017

It is with sadness that we share the news that our co-founder Robert W. Jenson died on September 2 at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. Jens was one of the greatest and most creative theologians of our time, and shaped a generation of theologians and ministers through his work in the classroom, in writing books and articles, serving as co-founder and co-editor of Pro Ecclesia, and providing leadership at the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology and later at the Center of Theological Inquiry. Jens was beloved by friends and family. He will be dearly missed.

A funeral for Jens was held on Saturday, September 16, at Trinity Church in Princeton, New Jersey. CCET Program Director, Victor Austin, gave the homily. You may read the homily here.

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If you know if any other notable tributes to Jens that should be included in this list, we would like to know about them. Please contact Matthew Burdette at